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God is the beginning and the end of every story.

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Moral and Christian friendly fan fiction

The Christian Fan Fiction Gathering (christianfanfic) is a community for Christian fan fiction writers and readers who want to read and post fan fiction for their favorite television shows, cartoons, books, and movies, without having to worry about running into content that goes against their beliefs. And, even if you aren't a Christian, or even a writer, but are simply looking for some good stories, you are still welcome to post and comment. :)

The goal of this community is to demonstrate that great stories don't need bad language or suggestive content to be great stories. :) Not to say that every story here should have a happy ending, or be an easy, angst-free read. Stories with darker, more intense plots are welcome too.

The fics here also don't have to be about a character coming to know the Lord, or witnessing a miracle (though they are certainly welcome! :) ) they can just focus on the fandom and its characters without any direct references to the Lord or Christianity at all.

It is our belief we can glorify God by obeying His commands and standards when we write, so, as long as your story follows the content rules below, it's welcome. :)

Right now, all fandoms are accepted, as well as original works, poems, and testimonies.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the mod.

New to the comm? Please read the rules and guidlines before posting. Thank you. :)

General rules for the comm
Fic posting rules and info
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LJ Communities

affirming_faith - This community is a wonderful Christian-friendly icontest, with a Christian-themed icon contest every two weeks.

prose_alchemist This is Jordanna Morgan's personal archive for all of her fics on Live Journal. She writes for X-men The Movie, Hogan's Heroes, Fullmetal Alchemist, and more.

Other Websites

Not Of This World Fan Fiction - This is an archive that follows the same rules and guidelines as this community. All fandoms, original work, and poems are accepted.

Imagination's Fire - This is the mod's personal website for all of her fics and other rambling.


If you have any questions or suggestions, would like to affiliate, advertise your community, or notice that any of the above rules have been broken, please email the mod at Tbdarkknight@Aol.com, PM her, or comment on her journal, laughtersmelody.

Thank you for reading. Take care and God bless, and enjoy the stories posted here! :)